How it works

 Choose a Vegbag Size

Small or Medium; our vegbags start at £8 a week. We order only what is needed, so there's no waste. The selection will vary each week depending on what our farmers are growing, but it'll always include a mix of different things. Your veggies will be packed into bags - boxes are quite odd to carry back home! To reduce costs & environmental impact we ask members to return empty bags and donate any suitable bags they come across.

 Choose a Pick-up Point for Collection

Near your home, or a public transport hub, your community pick-up point will store your bag from Wednesday afternoon to Thursday. If you need to collect your bag on Friday, please let them know beforehand. Pick-up points, rather than door-to-door delivery, help us keep the scheme low carbon and more affordable, so you pay less and more of your money goes direct to the farmers.

 Pay Weekly

We use GoCardless, a secure online tool, which works as a weekly direct debit. You can change the size or your vegbag or cancel your membership at any time, but it will help us very much if you can do it at least 10 days in advance.

 Enjoy your Weekly Veg

The farms will deliver fresh produce to us every Wednesday morning. We'll pack a nice selection of veggies into bags and deliver to our pikc-up points on the same day, where they'll be available to be collected at your convenience, and enjoy!