Angel Greens is a not-for-profit social enterprise, providing organic vegetables directly from local farms to Islington and King's Cross residents and those working in the. area

Our aim is to provide good, sustainable, healthy and affordable food, in a way that is fair to farmers, transparent to members, healthy to the environment, and beneficial to the community.

To achieve that, we:

  • Source vegetables grown as close to London as possible, ensuring minimum food miles and that everything is freshly harvested. Fresher food doesn’t only taste better, but is also healthier and more nutritious, having been spared long periods of storage, chilling and travel.
  • Support small-scale, organic British farmers. By trading with farmers directly, we help them earn a fair price for their produce and encourage sustainable agricultural growth. Angel Greens will source certified organic produce as standard practice. However, we understand that in order to make an impact on how our food is grown, we should be open to support farmers who are working towards the certification, and also hyperlocal micro-projects that follow organic standards, but will not be able to afford the certification for some time. If and when we source produce from non-certified organic growers, we will clearly convey that to you, together with the possibility of visiting their farms.
  • Work with the seasons. With supermarket shelves looking the same all year round, it’s easy to overlook when and where their ‘fresh’ food was grown. Choosing produce that is in season ensures it is at its best and as tasty as it can be.

Angel Greens is being launched with help from the Growing Communities Start-up Programme, an amazing vegbag scheme running for 20 years now, who also provides support and guidance to other communities across the country looking to set up local, sustainable vegetable box schemes.